In 2006, the O. V. Catto Memorial Fund, a 501(c)3, was created to help celebrate the extraordinary life and accomplishments of O. V. Catto, and to bring to life Philadelphia’s remarkable contributions to the nation’s civil rights movement. This memorial will take its place among other memorials celebrating Philadelphia’s Greatest Citizens.

The long-term purpose of the Fund is to conserve the memorial, and to continue to reveal and interpret the contributions of African Americans throughout the history of Philadelphia, and to create and underwrite educational programs to broaden the public’s awareness, and understanding of African American History. The memorial will become the icon for this educational programming.


I look around City Hall and I look at the apron, and certainly the people memorialized there are important people, but there is a space left, and that space belongs to him. That belongs to Catto. He was the Dr. King and Jackie Robinson of his age.
— Hon. James F. Kenney Philadelphia City Councilman-at-Large


The Mission of the Octavious V. Catto Memorial Fund is to present to the City of Philadelphia, its citizens and visitors from around the world with a lasting memorial to the life and accomplishments of Octavius V. Catto.  This memorial will have two realities:  a sculptural statement and educational programming.